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 Omani Greek Singer | Thanae 'Pulse and Soul'

Thanae Pachiyannaki has built her name in the field of singing and performing for various events including corporate, fashion & product launches, prestigious concerts and special occasions. Her music career started at the age of 13 where she performed live at various events and restaurants .Her urge to perform, learn and grow gave her the opportunity to work with different musical genres and styles broadening her horizons. Her love however for soul music and rhythm and blues could not be pushed away even though this was not the most popular sound in Oman. After leaving Oman in 2005 she graduated in 2010 from the SWISS hotel management school and traveled across Europe and South Africa perusing her career in hotels. Finally in 2012 she returned to her birth town Muscat and said ‘enough is enough’ I am not happy and need a change. She decided to help work for her father’s 30 year old music store called ‘Tunes’ and began running a music school in Muscat ‘Classic Music & Arts Institute’. Oman was not the most popular countries for live bands however this was not going to stop her from pursuing her dream and realizing her purpose of spreading music through the country. Even though she has been fulfilled running the music school she continues to strive for more. She created her own event called ‘Tunes Open Mic Oman’ to encourage youth and local talent to share their art while providing them with a platform to perform and express themselves 
After performing for many years with other bands she decided and pushed towards starting her own band with her own style of music. Inspired by Alicia Keys and Joss Stone and known for her charisma and energetic stage presence and soulful sound, she decided to start a band called ‘Pulse and soul’ that was established in 2015.  Thanae and her band  became one of the most wanted bands all across Oman. Collaborating with different exclusive brands both locally and internationally, performing across the globe from Europe to Asia, she has proven her soulful and unique voice is loved and appreciated by many.  In 2017 she was top 10 at the X Factor Finalists for her category. In 2018 after the launch of her Album in November she was asked to perform in Morocco for the United Nations Youth Seminar, Oman Womans Summit. In 2019 she was on stage with the "Gipsy Kings" performing for over 3000 people and sang Jobi Joba one of their top hits.

‘When words fail music speaks'

My life has no meaning without music and lyrics, so enjoy my Album ‘Between 2 Doors’ which was recorded in a special place Havana, Cuba with my most beloved band, friends, musicians that have inspired me and helped me grow faster than I could ever imagine. Love, Respect, Happiness, Gratitude.



An original composition

Recorded in Havana, Cuba.

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