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Thanae returns after launching her Album “Between 2 Doors” in 2018 and is now ready to release “You and Me” her new single, after having a tough time as many people around the world this made her think of what is important in life, family, and close friends. She named her daughter “Aristea” which means “the best kind” and expressed her feelings through her new song.



'Pulse & Soul' TOP among all Oman Music Bands

Singer & songwriter Thanae has produced incredible music productions which have put her band 'Pulse & Soul' among the best musical bands in Oman.

In her musical career, Thanae Collaborated with numerous exclusive brands, both locally and internationally.

She performed from Europe to Asia and around the globe. Her exceptional voice is loved, appreciated & followed by millions. In the year 2015 Thanae started her band. 'Pulse and soul' which soon became one of the most desired bands across Oman.

In 2017, she was in the top 10 of the X Factor - Greece Finalists in her category. The same year she launched her album 'Between 2 Doors'.   Soon after the album launch, in 2018 she performed LIVE at United Nations Youth Seminar in Morocco. In 2019, she had been on stage LIVE, with the "Gipsy Kings". She performed 'Jobi Joba' - their chartbuster, in front of a scintillating crowd of over 3000 hardcore music lovers.

'When words fail, music speaks'.
"My life has no meaning without music and lyrics, so enjoy my Album 'Between 2 Doors' which was recorded in a particular place Havana, Cuba with my most beloved band, friends, musicians that have inspired me and helped me grow faster than I could ever imagine. Love, Respect, Happiness, Gratitude." - Thanae Pachiyannaki

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